You Can Depend On Me

What’s up everybody? I just finished playing lacrosse and it was a blast, as always. I love lacrosse. It involves so many terrific elements of exercise and play. Passing, shooting, running….it is enough fun to wear out any lion!


Another great thing about lacrosse is the lessons you can learn from it. One of the most important ones that I have learned from playing this fantastic sport is to make sure that I am someone my teammates can depend on.


Being dependable means always being there when you are needed. In lacrosse, the entire team needs to be able to depend on one another during a game. If teammates can’t trust one another then they are going to have a real tough time playing well with one another.


Dependability is not only important on the lacrosse field, but off of it as well. You always want to be someone that your family and friends know will be there for them when they may need a helping hand.


It is also important to surround yourself with people that you can depend on when you need some help too. It is much easier to solve a problem when you have helpful friends, teammates and family members by your side.


Well, I’m pretty tired out from my game so I’m going to take a nice long lion-sized nap. It is good to know that I can always depend on the great game of lacrosse to tire me out!



Your loyal lion pal,




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