Wheelchair Football

It is early November and that means we are right in the middle of the fall and football seasons! I love the sport of football and I wanted to introduce you to the way I play the game.


Wheelchair football is the adapted version of the sport and it is a lot of fun. You can play wheelchair football in either a manual or motorized wheelchair.


The game of football is played on a field of grass, but the adapted version is played on a basketball court. Each team has six members in play at one time.


A team has six chances to score once they gain possession of the football. A team can score by carrying the ball into the end zone or by catching a pass in the end zone.


A player is tackled when they are tagged by an opponent on their body above the knees, with two hands by a player in a manual wheelchair. A player in a motorized wheelchair makes a tackle by tagging the player with the ball with one hand on the body.


All field goals, kickoffs and punts are thrown instead of kicked. A field goal is made when a player throws the football between the two posts and over the backboards that hold the basketball nets in place.


Scoring in wheelchair football is basically the same as in football. You receive six points for a touchdown and three points for a field goal. The one difference is a team that throws for a PAT (point after touchdown) in wheelchair football scores two points.


Wheelchair football is terrific exercise and teaches adaptive sport athletes how to work together as a team. This adaptive sport proves that football is for everyone.


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