What You Need To Play Ball!

Hey everyone! We are right in the heart of baseball season and I wanted to make sure that you guys know what equipment you need to play my favorite sport.


There are a few essential pieces of equipment that every baseball game needs and I am going to share them with you so you can get outside on the field and have some fun. Let’s get started!


Baseball – Since the sport is called baseball you need a baseball to play it. A baseball is a smaller sized ball made up of cork or rubber, yarn and a plastic or leather covering, usually white in color, with red stitching.


Baseball Bat – A bat is what baseball players use to hit a baseball. It is usually made of wood or aluminum.


Baseball Glove – The baseball glove is worn by players when they are playing in the field. The baseball glove helps players catch the baseball when it is hit into the field of play. The glove keeps the players from hurting their hands when they catch the baseball.


Bases – Bases are four markers on the field that players run to after they hit a baseball when they are batting. The bases are laid out on a field in a specific order. First you run to first base, then second base, then third base and finally to home plate where you began.


Batting Helmets – The batting helmet is a protective piece of headwear that baseball players wear when they are up to bat. The batting helmet is very important because it protects a player’s head and ears from being accidentally hit by a pitch.


Baseball Cleats – Cleats are shoes that players wear when they play baseball. Baseball cleats either have rubber or metal spikes on the bottom of them so players don’t slip and injure themselves when running on a baseball field.


There are several other pieces of equipment you can wear when playing baseball, but I just wanted to start you off with the essentials in today’s blog entry. As long as you have the equipment that we talked about today you can get outside and play ball!!


Your baseball buddy,




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