Three Kinds Of Football

Hey there lil’ ones! I’m gonna go over three different ways you can play my favorite sport. After you know about all three ways you can choose which style of football works best for you. Ready! Set! Hike!


Tackle Football – To play tackle football you have to make sure that everyone is wearin’ all of the proper equipment so they won’t get hurt. The player carryin’ the ball must be tackled to the ground to be stopped.


Flag Football – When you play flag football all of the players wear a belt around their waist. Each belt has a flag on each side. A player carryin’ the ball is stopped when someone pulls off one of their flags. You can play this brand of football in shorts and a t-shirt!


Two Hand Touch – You can also play two hand touch in shorts and a t-shirt. A player carryin’ the ball in two hand touch is stopped when another player touches them with both of their hands at the same time.


Who is ready to get on the field and try these out? I’ll play any way you want. I love em’ all!




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