Think Positive

Hi y’all! I just got back from a tennis match and it was a tough one. My opponent was a good tennis player. I did my very best, but I was not able to win the match. But you know what? I’m proud of myself for playing hard, not giving up and being a good sport.


I’m focusing on the positives from my tennis match. That is because I have a positive attitude. A positive attitude is when you take the good from something and toss away the bad.


Having a positive attitude is very important in sports and in life. When you’re positive it helps you stay happy. It also can lead to good things.


I know I lost my tennis match today, but I still had a great time, got plenty of exercise and made a new friend. Those are all great things to take away from my match.


We all get down sometimes and we don’t always win, but if you stay upbeat things always look a little brighter. It is important to always keep a smile on your face and a pounce in your paws.


Stay Positive!





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