Tennis Equipment

Hi y’all! I am getting ready to join my pal Lax on the tennis court for a friendly match. I thought this would be a good opportunity to teach y’all about what you need to play tennis. I better be quick so I don’t keep Lax waiting!


Tennis Racket – The tennis racket is what is used to hit the tennis ball. A tennis player holds the bottom part of the racket known as the grip or handle. The top of the racket is made of very tight strings. The stringed area is where a player hits the ball.


Tennis rackets used to be made of wood, but now rackets are made of a mixture of materials that make them lighter and easier to use.


Tennis Balls – You can’t play tennis without the tennis balls. Tennis balls are rubber on the inside and a light, fuzzy material on the outside. The rubber inside makes them bounce which is needed for tennis. Tennis balls are usually a greenish-yellow color.


The racket and the balls are the only items that are a must to play tennis. However, other items such as special shoes made for tennis, head bands and wrist bands can also be a part of a tennis player’s equipment.


I always like to look my loveliest on the court so I always make sure my tennis outfit is fashionable, but that’s just lil’ ole me.


I’ve got my racket and my tennis balls so I’m off to the court to have some fun and get some exercise. See y’all next time.



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