Striker’s Soccer Song

Professor Striker is back again kids! Today is all about fun. I’ve decided to share with you a little ditty that I have written about the beautiful game of soccer. Without further delay, let us get underway…..I’m rhyming already.


My favorite game, the one I love to play

Is adored around the world, from Brazil to Norway


It is played with a ball, either indoors or out

It is both exciting and fun, of this there’s no doubt


Some call it football, others say soccer

It doesn’t matter the name, but here comes a shocker


You don’t throw, catch or hit in this wonderful sport,

You can’t use your hands at all, unless you’re a particular sort


They are the goalies, the protectors of the nets

Their job is to stop opposing scoring threats


The rest of the players use their feet, heads and knees

To dribble, pass and shoot the soccer ball, if you please


The forwards objective is to net goals for their teams

The defense does its best to dash their scoring dreams


The midfielders can defend, but will also attack

Start the rush on offense or when needed, fall back


You’ll see great saves, booming shots and trick passes

You’ll hear the fans cheer as they fill stadiums in masses


This sport that I enjoy is simply one of a kind

In my humble opinion, the best one you’ll find


So give soccer a try, you’ll love it, you’ll see

I give you my special gorilla guarantee



Your goofy gorilla pal,



Professor Striker

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