Striker’s School of Sportsmanship

Hello class. I am Professor Striker…..okay I’m not really a professor, but I love to play pretend so just play along with me. Ahem, as I said, I am Professor Striker and today’s lesson is all about sportsmanship.


Being a good sport involves a few different things. It includes playing a game fairly and being respectful to whomever you are playing with or against, whether you win or lose.


Playing a game fairly and respecting your opponent is very important. It does not matter what sport you are involved in, you should always play fair and play by the rules because it makes the game better for everyone.


Since my favorite sport is the terrific game of soccer and I am, after all, the professor, I am going to use an example of something that may happen during a soccer match to help you, my students, understand what good sportsmanship is all about. Let the lesson begin……did I mention how much I love to pretend?!


Let’s say I am playing in a soccer match and I am racing after the ball before it rolls out of bounds. A gorilla on the other team is going after the ball as well. We both reach the ball at the same time and SPLAT!  We run into each other!


The other gorilla falls down and the ball bounces off of my foot last and rolls out of bounds. The referee could not tell who touched the ball last before it went out of bounds so he does not know which player’s team should get possession.


Since I practice good sportsmanship, I first help my opponent up off the ground and make sure he is okay. Then I let the referee know that the ball bounced off of my foot last and the other team should get possession.


By doing these simple things I was respecting my opponent and making sure he wasn’t hurt. I was also playing by the rules and being honest by letting the referee know that I touched the ball last. I was doing everything that a good sport should do.


Now class, since you have all learned the value of sportsmanship it is time for me to stop pretending that I am a professor and start pretending that I am a vacuum cleaner. It’s lunch time and this vacuum has some bananas to suck down!


Your Goofy Gorilla Pal,



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