Striker’s School Of Soccer Equipment

Alright kiddos, Professor Striker is back for your learning pleasure! Today, we are going to go over the important pieces of equipment that are needed or often used to play the great game of soccer. Let’s jump right in to action!


Soccer Ball – To play or practice soccer you definitely need a soccer ball. A soccer ball can come in different colors, patterns and sizes, but it is always the same shape, which is round.


Soccer Cleats or Shoes – Depending on what type of surface you are playing on, you will need the right kind of footwear. If you are going to play soccer on grass or artificial turf you will need soccer cleats. Cleats have small studs on the bottom of the shoe to help you with your footing. If you are playing indoor soccer you will need a different type of soccer shoe. Indoor soccer shoes do not have studs on them. They have a flat bottom. All soccer footwear comes in different styles and colors.


Shin Guards – Shin guards are a very important piece of equipment when playing soccer. They are small pads that cover your shin and ankle. The shin guards help protect your shins and ankles from getting hurt if they are mistakenly kicked by another player that is trying to get the soccer ball.


Soccer Uniform – A soccer uniform is not something you need to play or practice soccer, unless you play on a team that has a required outfit that they wear during games. A soccer uniform consists of a jersey, a pair of shorts and a pair of soccer socks (these go over your shin guards). A soccer uniform can have several colors in it or simply one color. My soccer uniform is orange and white.


Now that you all know what equipment you need, grab some friends or family members, find a soccer field near you and get some fun-filled exercise playing Professor Striker’s favorite sport!


Your Goofy Gorilla Pal,




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