Sports You May Not Know

Hiya kiddies! I’m pretty excited because one of my favorite sporting events is happening this summer. It is called the Summer Olympic Games.


The Summer Olympic Games only come around once every four years! It is a worldwide event that features thousands of athletes participating in a bunch of different sporting events.


In my last blog we talked about the importance of playing a variety of sports. Well, the Olympic Games sure have variety!


I want to introduce you to a few sports and events that athletes play at the Olympics that you may not be familiar with. Let the games begin!


Water Polo – Water polo is played in a swimming pool. Each team has seven players and there is a goal at each end. The team that has possession of the ball tries to pass and swim their way by the defending team to try and throw the ball into the opposing net. The team that scores the most goals wins.


Hammer Throw – The hammer throw is a track and field event and since I’m a track and field gal I wanted to get at least one track and field event into today’s lesson. In this event an athlete throws a heavy metal ball that is attached to a handle and strong wire, called the hammer, as far as they can. The athlete that is able to throw the hammer the furthest wins the event.


Badminton – Badminton is similar to tennis, but instead of a ball the athletes hit an object called a shuttlecock back and forth over a net with a racquet. Badminton can be played with two or four players. A point is scored when a player hits the shuttlecock over the net and it lands on the ground on the opponent’s side of the court. The first player or team to score twenty-one points wins the game and the first player or team to win two games wins the match.


Synchronized Swimming – Synchronized swimming takes place in a swimming pool. It involves swimming, but also dancing in the water. This event can be performed individually, with a partner or in groups of three dancers or more. They perform a swimming and dance routine to music. The athletes receive scores from a panel of judges and the performers with the highest total score wins.


I hope I was able to introduce you to few new sports and events and who knows; with a little practice maybe you’ll be one of the many athletes to compete at the Olympic Games one day.


Gotta Run,



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