Sports With A Twist

Hello everyone! I hope you are all feeling great today. Iā€™m going to be playing one of my favorite sports later on today, sledge hockey. I wanted to write a blog entry before my game to help you guys understand a bit more about the sports that I play.


Many of the athletic activities that I compete in are what we call adaptive sports. Adaptive sports are often based on existing sports with changes made to them to meet the needs of there participants. I like to refer to them as sports with a twist!


Today I wanted to tell you a bit about three of my very favorite adaptive sports, including the one I am participating in today, sledge hockey.


Sledge Hockey ā€“ Sledge hockey is just like ice hockey except the athletes skate on a piece of equipment known as an ice hockey sledge. The athletes sit on the ice hockey sledge and it is fitted with skate blades underneath. The athletes use special hockey sticks to help them skate around the ice surface, as well as handle and shoot the puck.


Wheelchair Basketball ā€“ Just like Sledge hockey, wheelchair basketball is very similar to basketball. The twist to this game is that the athletes participating are in wheelchairs. It is played on a standard basketball court and the net in wheelchair basketball is the same height as well.


Wheelchair Tennis ā€“ The final adaptive sport I want to share with you is wheelchair tennis. It is played on a standard tennis court, but has two major differences from tennis. The athletes play using wheelchairs and the ball can bounce up to times in wheelchair tennis compared to a single bounce in tennis.


All of these sports are a blast to play. I hope I was able to help all of you understand the world of adaptive sports a little bit better today.


Your Can-Do Pal,





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