Soccer Positions With Striker

The professor is back, kids! It is time to learn a little more about my favorite sport, soccer!


Today we are going to talk about some basic positions in the game of soccer. There are a lot of different ways to set up players on a soccer field, but we are going to keep things very simple for now.


Class is now in session so everyone take your seats and join Professor Striker in learning more about the world’s most popular game.


Goalkeeper – The goalkeeper’s biggest job is to keep the ball from entering their net by stopping it any way that they can. The keeper is the only player on a soccer team who is allowed to use his hands on the field of play (the goalkeeper is only allowed to use his hands in a certain part of the field called the penalty area).


Defenders – The defenders or backs, as they are also called, are the players on the field who try and stop the other teams from scoring. They usually remain on the half of the field where the goal that their team is defending is located. There are several different names for the defenders in soccer depending on their role. A few are the stopper, the sweeper, the center back and the left or right backs.


Midfielders – The midfielders play in the middle of the soccer field between the forwards and the defensemen. They play important roles in their team’s offensive attack and defensive system. Like the defenders, there are several different roles a midfielder can play. There is the attacking midfielder, defensive midfielder and center or wide midfielders.


Forwards – Finally we have the forwards or strikers (Strikers, I like the sound of that). Their primary goal is to, well setup and score goals. The forwards usually play on the half of the field closest to their opponent’s goal. The forwards try and score by using their feet or heads.


Knowing which position you are playing and what your job is on a soccer team helps you and your teammates work well with each other. It also makes the game more fun to play and we know having fun is always the ultimate goal.


I’ll see you next time for more soccer stuff with Professor Striker!

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