Soccer On The Inside

Hi there kids! Professor Striker is back with some more soccer fun. Up until now I have focused on the outdoor soccer game. Today I want to take the game indoors.


Indoor soccer is quite a bit different from outdoor soccer. I want to go over some of the differences with you so you can be ready to play the great sport of soccer anywhere and at anytime.


Most indoor soccer fields are made of artificial turf. They are much smaller then an outdoor soccer field. The fields are often surrounded by boards and plexiglass just like you’d see around an ice hockey rink.


The goals used in indoor soccer are smaller then the ones used in outdoor games. Since the playing surface is small the goals are often inside the walls surrounding the field.


The games are usually shorter when played indoors as well. The outdoor game usually has two halves that last forty five minutes each. The indoor game is often broken up into four fifteen minute quarters.


Usually each team has five players and one goalie on the field at one time. The teams also have substitutes for the players if they get tired or hurt, just like outdoor soccer.


This is probably the coolest part of indoor soccer. The players can actually kick the balls off of the walls around the field! If a player kicks the ball off of the walls the play continues.


Now you know some of the many differences between indoor and outdoor soccer. So whether it is raining, snowing or just too cold you can always play the great game of soccer.


That concludes another class on soccer with Professor Striker.



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