Slapshot’s Rhyme Time

Hey kids, your feisty, feathered friend Slapshot here! I am getting ready to hop onto the ice at the Sportsational training facility for a pickup game of hockey with a few of my buddies.


I want to make sure that I have all of my equipment that I need before I start playing. You always want to make sure that you are properly protected so you don’t get hurt.


Sometimes it is tough to remember everything I need before I play. One of my favorite ways to remember my ice hockey equipment checklist is to recite a little hockey gear rhyme!


Just follow along with me and I’ll teach you my fun and easy way to remember just what you need before you take the ice.


You need your helmet and a hockey stick

A pair of socks, thin or extra thick


Your hockey pants help to cushion a fall

Three kinds of pads, lets name them all


Elbow, shoulder and two for your shins

When everyone’s protected, everybody wins


Two ice skates and your hockey gloves

Let’s play the game that Slapshot loves!


Now, grab your jersey and best of luck

And one last thing, don’t forget the puck!


Terrific job gang! Now, I’m all set to play with my Sportsational pals and you learned a neat way to remember what equipment is needed before a hockey player starts their game.


Don’t forget to practice our little ditty with friends and family. Stay active, stay healthy and always have fun!


Your friend,