Riding The Waves

Yo dudes! What’s up? I hope you are all enjoying your summer, I know I am. Yesterday I was out crushing some waves on my surfboard and I thought it would be a killer idea to go over some of the different types of surfboards there are.


The two basic categories of surfboards are long boards and short boards. The long boards range from eight feet to fourteen feet long. Long boards are used by all types of surfers, but they are great for beginners because of their size and wave-catching ability.


Short boards are generally six to seven feet long. Short boards are more difficult to catch waves with and are better suited for the more experienced surfer.


There are a bunch of different types of long and short boards. If I went over all of the awesome boards there are out there your little heads would be swimming with info so I’m going to start you off with a few for now. Let’s ride!


Gun – A gun board is used by surfers who want to take on some massive waves. They are the style of a short board, but have the length of a long board.


Olo – This type of board is crazy big and really heavy. It is made out of wood and it can be twenty four feet or longer and weigh as much as a couple hundred pounds!


Fish – A fish board is usually short, under six feet long and wide. They get their name by being shaped and having a tail at the end of the board that resembles a fish.


Well dudes you now know a little bit about surf boards and the difference between a long and short board. Your next step is to get out on the waves and experience the awesomeness that is surfing!


Catch ya later dudes!






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