Racing & Rhyme

Hey everyone! As you all know I am an auto racing fanatic. Whether it is stock car racing around a high speed track or off-road racing through the desert, I love it all!


In fact, I enjoy the world of auto racing so much that I put together a catchy little rhyme about it. You want to hear it? Great! Buckle up and let’s roll!


My name is Groove and I love to race

I drive my cars at a lightning fast pace


The speed, the fun and all the thrills

Around the track or over hills


I’ll drive anything from cars to karts

It takes a combination of skill and smarts


The roar of the engines, the screech of the tires

It excites, electrifies and even inspires


Zooming around the turns, shooting for the lead

Pushing the cars towards their very top speed


Heading towards the finish in a battle for the win

This is what I live for, auto racing…I’m in!


I hope you guys enjoyed my little racing rhyme. It got me so excited that I’m going to see if any of my pals want to take a spin around the track with me.


Always fill your need for speed!





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