Racing For All!

What’s up gang? I’m back for another blog entry to help you guys continue your learning in the subject of auto racing.


There are a lot of different types of races and machines involved in auto racing. Today I’m going to teach you about a few of my personal favorites. Buckle up everyone!


Stock Car Racing – This type of automobile racing involves cars that closely resemble any ole’ car you could see on the road (except with a much cooler paint jobs and more powerful engines). Stock car races usually occur on oval shaped tracks. Stock car racing is the kind of racing that you see when you are watching a NASCAR event.


Open-Wheel Racing – Open-wheel racing involves cars that usually only has room for one person, the driver. It is called open-wheel racing because the cars used in this form of auto racing have their four tires on the outside of the frame of the car. Open-wheel racing is one of the fastest types of racing there is.


Drag Racing – Drag racing uses special cars that usually only race one other car at a time. A drag race is a very short race in a straight line. The two drag racers start from a complete stop and the winner is determined by which car reaches the finish line first.


Kart Racing – When you think of kart racing think of mini versions of open-wheel race cars. These karts are raced very fast at the highest level, but much slower versions of karts are often seen at amusement parks or as fun racing machines for children.


Dirt Track Racing – This type of racing is exactly what it sounds like….racing on a dirt track. The tracks are usually oval in shape and dirt track racing can be done with a variety of automobiles.


I hope you enjoyed learning about some of the different kinds of auto racing events there are. Until next time, stay fast and have fun!


Your racing pal,



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