Pride’s Can Do Club

Hello all! I want to speak with you today about the importance of having a can do attitude. The word “can” means that you are able to do something. For example, “I can say the entire alphabet.” or “I can count up to one hundred.”


The reason I want to talk about a can do attitude with you is because I believe that I can do anything that I set my mind to. I believe in myself and when I set a goal, no matter how difficult it may be, I know I can achieve that goal. I want all of you to be “can doers” too and join me in my Can Do Club!


I learned the importance of having that can do attitude very early on in life. I was born without the use of my rear legs and paws. Everything that all the other young pandas could do with ease was always hard work for me. Overcoming those difficulties helped me understand that as long as I believed in myself and always tried my best I could do anything that they could do and sometimes even more!


I would often hear the other pandas say things like “Pride can’t do that, it is too hard” or “Pride can’t walk, so he can’t play sports.” These other pandas did not believe that I could do the same things that they could, but that did not stop me.


I was quickly able to prove to the other pandas that just because I had one disability it didn’t mean that I didn’t have a whole bunch of wonderful abilities. I played sports, participated in fun games like tag and went on pretend adventures as an astronaut or a super hero just like they did. I helped those other pandas learn that just because I was a bit different it didn’t mean that I couldn’t do the same things as them.


Now, that you guys understand just how important it is to be a can doer you can officially call yourselves a member of Pride’s Can Do Club! Terrific work, gang! I, of course, knew you could do it!




Your Can Do Pal,





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