Play & Practice

Hey gang! I just wrapped up a session at the Sportsational Training Facility batting cages. I love to do anything involving baseball whenever I can. I also know that working on my baseball game helps me become a better baseball player.


When you practice a particular sport or activity it means you perform aspects of that sport or activity over and over again. When you do something, like take batting practice for example, on a repetitive basis it helps you become more successful at it.


Practice also helps you work on the areas of an activity or a sport that you struggle in. Take my baseball game for instance. I am pretty good at catching and throwing a baseball, but I am not as good at hitting a baseball. Since batting is an area of the game that I need to work on I spend a lot of my time practicing my swing in the batting cages.


I still have to work on my throwing and catching skills because you are never too good to practice, but since I have the most difficulties in the batter’s box that is what I work on the most.


Practice is also a terrific and fun way to get some exercise doing something you love. So remember to practice kids. It’s helpful, healthy and fun!


Your baseball buddy,





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