Let’s Score With Tennis

Hi y’all! I’m back for some more educational fun. Today I am going to share with y’all how to keep score in a game of tennis.


Scoring in tennis can get a little tricky so today we are just going to cover the basics. Shall we begin? Sounds great!


A game of tennis is won by the player who wins at least four points first. For a player to win the game they must also win by scoring at least two more points then their opponent. For example, I can not win a game of tennis by scoring four points when my opponent has three points. To win the game I’d have to win by scoring at least five points while my opponent has only scored three.


In a game of tennis the score is announced before each point is played. The player that is serving always calls out the score by saying their score first and their opponents score second.


Points in tennis are neat because each point has a different name or score. When a player has zero points it is called “love.” When a player has one point it is called “15.” When a player has two points it is called “30.” When a player has three points it is called “40” and finally when a player has scored four points they have won the game.


I’ll give y’all an example of how the scoring works. I am ready to serve to my opponent and before I do I say the score “30-15.” This score means that I have scored two points so far and my opponent has scored one.


Now, remember how I said earlier that a player has to win by two points or more to win a game of tennis? These situations also have their own fun little names.


If my opponent and I both have three points it is called “deuce.” Now, let’s say I score the next point and I have four points and my opponent has three. We would need to keep playing because I have to win by two points or more.  This situation is called “advantage in” since I am serving. If my opponent had scored the point and was leading four points to three it would be “advantage out” since my opponent is not serving.


To finish this example let’s say it is advantage out. Then if my opponent scores the next point they win the game. If I were to score the next point we would go back to being tied, deuce. We keep playing until someone wins by at least two points.


Wow, that was a lot for y’all to take in, but you did wonderful. The more you play tennis the more familiar you will become with the scoring and then it won’t seem so hard. Also, this blog entry will always be here for you and your parents to look at if you forget something.


Have a positively purrrrrfect day!






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