Let’s Get Extreme!

Yo dudes! What’s going on? I am getting ready to head on over to the sweet skate park here at the Sportsational Training Facility to practice my moves. Before I take off I wanted to introduce you little guys to a few other extreme sports that I love that you may not be familiar with. Does that sound awesome or what?! Let’s do this!


Motocross – Motocross racing involves riding a motorcycle. Motocross races are held on outdoor race tracks, usually made of mud and dirt, which is always a favorite of mine.


Surfing – Surfing usually takes place in the ocean. You stand up on a light-weight board, called a surf board, and try to ride along the waves that the ocean creates. Lots of fun in the sun dudes!


Inline Skating – Inline skating involves wearing skates usually having two to five wheels all in a row (also known as rollerblades). It can involve tricks and skating at high speeds. It can be performed on surfaces both indoors and out, even at a skate parks. Killer!


Mountain Biking – Mountain biking is done outside, but not on the paved roads that cars travel on. You ride an extra durable bike over rough terrain. It can be done in areas like the mountains or deserts. Totally wicked!


Water Skiing – Water skiing is simply, well skiing on water. You ride across the water on a pair of skies and are pulled by a fast-moving motor boat. Water skiing can take place on a river, lake or in the ocean. Wet and wild!


I hope you learned a little bit about some of the other extreme sports that I enjoy. Now, I’m off to the skate park to rip it up!


Stay loose buds!






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