Let The Games Begin

Hey gang! With the Olympic Games winding down and the Paralympic Games fast approaching I wanted to fill you in on a few events that you will see during the Paralympics.


Two of these events are adaptations of well-known sports and the other is a game that is not like any other. On your marks, get set…learn!


Wheelchair Fencing – Fencing is a duel between two athletes with swords (the athletes are protected from head to toe so no one is hurt during competition). In wheelchair fencing the fencers have their wheelchairs placed into frames that are fastened to the floor so they can not move. This lets the fencers move their upper bodies while remaining in their wheelchairs.


There are three different swords that can be used in wheelchair fencing (the foil, sabre or epee). Depending on which type of sword is being used, points can be scored by hitting anywhere on the body (epee), the chest and stomach area (foil) and anywhere above the waist (sabre).


Goalball – Goalball is played by athletes with vision impairments. The “goal” in goalball is to roll a ball into the opponents net while the members of the other team try to block it from going in. Whichever team scores the most goals wins the match.


The ball used in goalball has bells in it so the athletes can hear the ball and know where it is at all times. The game is played on a court with raised lines so the athletes know where they are on the playing surface. The crowd must be quiet while the ball is in play so the athletes can hear the ball and their teammates.


Sitting Volleyball – Sitting volleyball is very similar to volleyball. There are six players per side and the object is to have the ball hit the floor on the opponent’s side of the net to score points.


The net is considerably lower since the athletes are sitting down the entire time. All athletes must have a portion of their bodies in a seated position whenever a shot or attempted shot is made.


You now know a few of the events that will be played at the Paralympic Games. Don’t be afraid to give these great sports a try and see how you adapt to them.


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