Lacrosse Penalties

Hey guys! You know how you have rules at home that you have to follow? Well lacrosse has rules too. When those rules are broken by a player during a game they receive a penalty.


In today’s blog entry I am going to go over three outdoor lacrosse penalties with you. This way you will know a few things that you should avoid while playing. Let’s get going!


Cross Checking – A cross check is when one player hits, pushes or shoves another player with the shaft of their stick. This can be dangerous and injure another player.


Slashing – Is when one player swings their stick really hard and hits another player with it. This can also be very dangerous and cause another player to be hurt.


Warding Off – This penalty is called when a player who is carrying the ball in their stick pushes or holds a defensive player’s stick.


Some lacrosse penalties result in one team playing with one less player for a certain amount of time (usually for 30 or 60 seconds). Some other penalties just result in one team having to give the other team the ball.


Now that you know a few penalties that can be called in lacrosse you can do your best to play a clean game!





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