In The Field

Hiya kids! This is one of my favorite times of the year. Halloween is just around the corner and the baseball playoffs are here!


For today’s lesson I wanted to tell you about the different field positions on a baseball team. Let’s get started!


Pitcher – The pitcher is the player who throws the baseball towards the batter at home plate. They stand on a mound that is in the middle of a baseball infield. The pitcher’s job is to try and get the batters out.


Catcher – A baseball catcher is the player who helps the pitcher decide what type of pitch they should throw. They squat down behind home plate and catch the throws made by the pitcher that the batters do not hit.


First Baseman – The first baseman defends the part of the field that is around first base. They are also a part of almost all of the outs that occur at first base.


Second Baseman – The second baseman guards the area of the field near second base. They are also a part of most of the outs that occur at the base. They usually have quick feet and hands.


Third Baseman – The third baseman covers the area of the field around third base. They are usually a part of the outs that occur at the base. The third baseman usually has a strong arm and strong fielding ability.


Shortstop – The shortstop covers the area of the baseball field between second base and third base. Shortstops are usually very quick and athletic players.


Outfielder – The outfielders in baseball try to catch all of the balls that are hit in the air and out of the infield area. There are three outfielders on a baseball team: The left fielder, center fielder and right fielder. An ideal outfielder is fast, athletic and has a strong arm.


There are nine total field positions on a baseball team. The next time you play baseball on a team or with your friends try out the different positions to see which one you enjoy most. I’ll see you on the field!


Your Double Play Pal,






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