In or Out?

Hey, hey buds! How is everyone feeling today? I’m outside relaxing in the beautiful sunshine and I thought it would be the perfect time to post my next blog entry.


As you all know by now I’m a lacrosse buff, but did you know there are quite a few differences between indoor and outdoor lacrosse? I love to play both so I have to make sure I know what those differences are.


Today we are going to go over a few of the major changes that occur when going from outdoor lacrosse to indoor lacrosse. Are you guys relaxed and ready for some sporting education? Cool. Let’s begin.


Playing Surface – Outdoor lacrosse is typically played on a large, wide-open grass field, which is also why outdoor lacrosse is often called “field lacrosse.” Indoor lacrosse or “box lacrosse” as it is also called, is usually played on artificial turf within a confined area of boards and plexiglass, just like an ice hockey rink.


Number of Players – In an outdoor lacrosse game each team has ten players on the field, including the goalie, at a time. In an indoor lacrosse game each team is only allowed to have six players, including the goalie, in play at one time.


Different Sizes – The playing surface for outdoor lacrosse is larger then the playing surface for indoor lacrosse. Also, the goals that are used for outdoor lacrosse are higher and wider then the goals that are used for indoor lacrosse.


Lacrosse Stick Lengths – In outdoor lacrosse the players can use either a short crosse (stick) or a long crosse (used by field lacrosse defenders). In indoor lacrosse all of the players are limited in the length that their sticks can be.


Goalie Equipment – In outdoor lacrosse the goalies wear very little equipment. Besides the helmet and lacrosse stick (which has a larger catching area) they wear a chest protector and gloves with some extra padding. Indoor lacrosse goalies wear chest protectors too, but they also wear shoulder pads and large shin pads. Indoor goalies are more like ice hockey goalies then outdoor lacrosse goalies.


Great job everybody! You now know many of the differences between outdoor and indoor lacrosse. There are more to learn, but this was a great start. The only thing left is to decide which style of lacrosse you want to play today.



Your big cat buddy,





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