Hyped Up For A Heptathlon

Hey all! I am so excited that I simply had to let everyone know that I am going to be competing in my very first heptathlon tomorrow! A heptathlon is a track and field contest made up of seven events. The name heptathlon comes from the Greek words “hepta” which means seven and “athlon” which means contest….seven contests.


I am going to go over each event with you so you know what I will be participating in. Then I want you all to put your imaginations to work and make up your own fun events so you can have your very own heptathlon! Away we go!


100 meter hurdles – This race takes place on a straight portion of a track 100 meters long. You have to run and then jump over 10 different hurdles on your way to the finish line.


High jump – This event is performed when you take a running start and try and jump over a horizontal bar, at as high a level as possible, without knocking the bar over.


Shot put – This contest is when you have to throw a heavy metal ball, called a shot, as far as you can.


200 meter race – This race occurs on the straight and curved portion of a track and you try and run the 200 meters as fast as you can.


Long jump – In the long jump you have to run as fast as possible until you reach a marked area on the track where you have to jump as far as you can into a long sand pit.


Javelin throw – In this event you run and then throw a long spear, called a javelin, as far as you can.


800 meter race – The final event is the 800 meter race. This event is run on a track, but is longer then the 200 meter race and requires speed and endurance.


Hopefully, this overview gives you an idea of what I will be competing in tomorrow and also gets your imagination in gear to create your own events for a fun-filled, pretend heptathlon.


As always, gotta run!






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