Hockey Shots With Slapshot

Hey everybody! Welcome to another fun-filled lesson with your penguin pal! Today we are going to learn about the different ways you can shoot a puck in the game of hockey. Let’s get right to it!


Slapshot – Slapshot isn’t just a great name, it is also the hardest shot in hockey. To take a slapshot you bring your stick back away from the puck and then you swing the stick forward, hitting the ice with the blade of your stick right behind the puck, which helps you to hit the puck with power.


Wrist Shot – While not as powerful as the slapshot the wrist shot is easier to aim. With the puck on your stick you twist your wrists as you move your stick and the puck forward. The puck then spins off of the edge of your blade toward the goal.


Snap Shot – The snap shot is a combination of the slapshot and the wrist shot. You bring your stick back away from the puck, like a slapshot (but not quite as far back), and then you twist your wrists, like a wrist shot, as you hit the puck. Its like two shots in one!


Backhand Shot – The backhand shot is simply a wrist shot that you take with the other side of the blade on your hockey stick. It is often used when you are close to the goal you are shooting on. It is not as hard as the first three shots I mentioned, but it can be very tricky.


There are some other kinds of shots that can be performed in the sport of hockey, but we are going to save those for another time. I don’t want to give you guys too much information all at once, especially since it is almost summer time!


Have a happy, healthy and active day!






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