Hockey Here, There & Everywhere

Hey kiddos! Although I love playing hockey on ice I also enjoy playing it on other surfaces, as well. Today I want to teach you about a few different forms of hockey besides the game that is played on ice.


Field Hockey – This version of hockey is usually played on grass or artificial turf. It is played on foot. The players use a small ball made out of hard plastic. The sticks in field hockey are often made of wood and fiberglass. They have a small “blade” that is flat on one side for striking the ball.


The object of field hockey is the same as ice hockey. One team tries to outscore the other by shooting the ball past the goalie and into their opponents net.


Inline Hockey – Also known as roller hockey, inline hockey is most often played on cement, plastic tiles or wood. The players wear rollerblades (skates with wheels) instead of ice skates. The puck used in inline hockey is made of a hard plastic and the sticks are the same ones that are used in ice hockey.


Just like in ice hockey the object of the game is to shoot the puck past the opposing team’s goaltender and into the net. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.


Street Hockey – Street hockey is usually played on a hard surface such as asphalt. It can be played on rollerblades or on foot. It is often played using a plastic ball, but a plastic puck can be used as well. A street hockey stick is just like an ice hockey stick, but made to withstand the hard surface it is used on.


Street hockey’s objective is also to score the most goals by shooting balls or pucks by the opponent’s goalie and into their net.


As you can see hockey comes in a lot of different forms and styles. So, no matter if you want to play on ice or grass, on foot or on skates there is a type of hockey out there for you.


Stay happy, healthy and active!



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