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Hey kids! How are you doing today? Hopefully, you are feeling good! I am in a great mood because I am getting ready to go out racing! There is nothing like taking a few spins around a race track in an ultra-fast race car to make my day .


Something else I really enjoy is learning what helps make up some of my favorite things, like race cars. Yesterday, I learned about six parts that help make up a race car. Now, I want to share what I learned with you.


I love to do everything fast so start your engines and let’s go!


First, I learned that every race car has “wheels.” There are four wheels on a race car. The wheels are round and they help the car move along the race track.


The wheels have inflated rubber covers over them called “tires.” Tires are round and there are four of them on a race car, one for each wheel. Tires make it easier for the wheels to move.


The “steering wheel” is what the driver uses to control the wheels on a race car. By turning the steering wheel left or right the driver chooses which way the car will go.


To make the race car go faster, the driver pushes the “gas pedal” with their foot. The more they push on the gas pedal the faster the car will go.


When the driver wants to stop the car they push the “brake pedal.” By pushing the brake pedal the “brakes” on a race car push on the wheels to help them slow down so the car can stop.


Now you know six parts that help make up a race car! The wheels, the tires, the steering wheel, the gas pedal, the brake pedal and the brakes. Terrific!


I hope you guys had a great time. I will be back soon with more fast facts!


I gotta go feed my need for speed!



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