Greatest Gifts

Hey kids! It is the holiday season and everyone here at the Sportsationals training facility is in the giving mood. I decided it would be a neat idea to ask each team member what would be their ultimate gift to give. The answers were, well….pretty imaginative, to say the least.


Striker: There really is no better gift to give then a brand new soccer ball that never goes flat. The only thing that can match that is an endless supply of bananas. So, if you want to get something for me, keep the banana thing in mind!


Birdie: Nothing better then a shinny set of golf clubs that increase your distance and a terrific brother to go with it! Well, at least that is what I’d get for Caddie.


Caddie: How about a brand new set of golf clubs that can increase your accuracy and a loving sister! I know Birdie would be excited about such a neat present.


Homer:  I’d have to say a never-ending book, so the reading can last forever! I’d probably throw in a couple baseball gloves and balls, you know, so you could have a catch between chapters.


Edge: Dude, that’s simple. I’d create a killer three-in-one board to give. You’d be able to use it for skateboarding, surfing and snowboarding. Wow, that’d be killer!


Dash: Oh my gift would definitely be an endless supply of energy. Then you could run, jump, explore and play for hours and hours. I guess, when I think about it, I was born with that gift!


Pride: I’ve got a good one! How about giving someone the ability to control the weather? That way, if you feel like going outside for a swim you can make it a warm summer day and later if you want to get a pickup game of hockey on a frozen pond you can bring in the cold.


Groove: That’s any easy one. I’d give someone the world’s fastest race car and the curviest, longest and most twisted track to race it on. Speed always makes me feel groovy!


Lax: I’d want to give someone their very own lacrosse stadium. It would be able to transform with a push of a button so games could be played indoors or outside whenever they wanted. I mean, who wouldn’t want their own stadium?


Slapshot: Hmmmm, ultimate gift, ultimate gift……it’s got to be an unbreakable hockey stick! You could crank wicked slappers without any fear of your twig giving out in the middle of a game. A much better gift then a toy truck, that’s for sure.


Ace: A really pretty tennis outfit would be a nice gift and so would a cute pair of tennis sneakers….. no, I think I’d go with a custom made, power-packed tennis racket that can really crush a ball!! I do love sneakers though….


Spike: Ya know I gotta go with football, so I’d give em’ their very own football team. That way they’d always have friends to play football with! Man, I wish I had my own football team. I wonder where you can get one of those.


I hope you enjoyed the fun-filled gift ideas from your Sportsational pals. Whoops! I almost forgot to tell you what my ultimate gift to give would be. I would give the gift of happiness and good health to all!


Happy Holidays,








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