Golfing Goodies

Hey everybody! Caddie and I were all set to play some golf yesterday and we forgot to bring some of the equipment needed to tee off. Since I don’t want you guys to make the same mistake I wanted to introduce you to some other golfing equipment besides the clubs and balls.


Golf Tee – The tee is what is usually needed for the first shot you take on each hole. A golfer places the tee in the ground and then puts the golf ball on top of it and swings away.


Golf Shoes – Most golfers wear golf shoes that have spikes on the bottom of them. The spikes can be plastic or metal. The spikes on the shoes help a golfer steady themselves on the course during their swings.


Golf Bags – Golf bags are used by golfers during a round golf. They are used to carry their golf clubs, golf balls, golf tees and other items a golfer may want to bring on the course.


Ball Marker – When golfers hit a shot onto the green they can pick up their ball to clean or move it out of the way of another player’s shot. They mark the spot where their ball was by placing a round, flat piece of metal or plastic down called a ball marker.


There are other items golfers can also use during a round of golf such as towels, golf club head covers, gloves and more.


Now that you guys know what you need to play a round of golf you can get out on a course and swing away. Just try not to forget anything like Caddie and I did.


Your feathered friend,



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