Golf Courses Of All Sizes

Hiya kiddos! Your feathered friend Caddie is here to talk a little golf. We all know that the great game of golf is played on a course with different holes that you try and get the golf balls into, but are all courses the same? The answer to that question is no.


All golf courses are unique in their own special ways and there are a lot of different types of courses, but today we are going to discuss the different amount of holes a golf course usually has.


We will start with the most common course. If everyone is ready we can begin to learn!


18 Hole Golf Course – A normal round of golf involves eighteen holes, therefore the eighteen hole golf course is the most common one that you will find.


9 Hole Golf Course – A nine hole golf course is a good course for beginners because it is half the holes and half the time. It is also a good course for people who do not have enough time to play a standard eighteen hole golf course. The nine holes on the course can also be played twice to complete a normal round of golf.


27 Hole Golf Course – A twenty-seven hole course is like combining an eighteen hole course and a nine hole course! When playing on a twenty-seven hole golf course the players get to choose which two sets of nine holes that they want to play. This gives the players some variety.


36 Hole Golf Course – Take two eighteen hole golf courses, put them together and you have a thirty-six hole course. It is similar to the twenty-seven hole course in that it offers the players variety and allows them to choose which two sets of nine holes they want to play, but this course has nine more holes.


I appreciate you coming and learning about golf courses with me today. Now get out there and practice that swing!


Your parrot pal,





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