Gearin’ Up For Football

Yo kiddos! I know baseball season is right around the corner, but I’m always thinkin’ football. The last time we talked I taught you lil’ guys how points are scored in a football game. Today I wanna make sure you know about all the main gear that needs to be worn when playin’ tackle football.


You guys ready?! Great! Let’s get goin’!


Football Helmet – The football helmet is what you wear on your head to help protect it from gettin’ hurt. It is a hard plastic shell on the outside and padded on the inside. It also has metal bars on the front called a face mask to help protect your face. The chinstrap that attaches to the helmet makes sure that it stays securely on your noggin.


Shoulder Pads – The shoulder pads are hard on the outside and soft on the inside, like the helmet, so they fit comfortably. They help protect your shoulders, chest and ribs from bein’ hurt when tacklin’ or bein’ tackled.


Football Pants Pads & Girdle Pads – Football pants have special pockets inside of ‘em to place pads that protect your knees and thighs. The girdle is worn underneath your football pants and they have special pockets too. The pockets in the girdle hold pads that protect your hips and tailbone.


Mouth Guard – The mouth guard is a piece of plastic that fits over your teeth inside of your mouth. It helps to protect your teeth, mouth and jaw.


Football Cleats – Cleats are special shoes with spikes on the bottom of ‘em that help to keep you from slippin’ on a football field.


All of these pieces of equipment are very important and must be worn at all times when playin’ tackle football to help make sure you stay safe.


I hope you enjoyed our little lesson on football gear. Always remember that tackle football is a great sport, but also a very rough one. Football should never be played without the proper equipment or the supervision and permission of your parents.


When you are playin’ with your buddies in the backyard just for fun make sure you play flag or touch football.


Have fun, get a lil’ dirty and play safe!



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