Dressing Up For Lacrosse

Hey gang! I’m back with some more lacrosse information for your learning pleasure. Today I want to go over the proper equipment you need to play lacrosse so you can all be safe and have fun.


Lacrosse Stick – The lacrosse stick or crosse is the main piece of equipment needed to play the sport. The crosse is what players use to shoot, pass and defend. The length of the stick depends on the position you play (for more on lacrosse positions click here). The head of the stick is triangular and strung with a netting where the ball is caught and thrown from.


Lacrosse Ball – A lacrosse ball is a hard, rubber ball. This is what lacrosse players pass and shoot during the game.


Lacrosse Helmet – The helmet is worn by lacrosse players to make sure their heads are protected during games. They are usually made of a hard plastic with padding inside the helmet. They have metal bars that run across the front portion of the helmet to protect the player’s face and a chin strap to make sure the helmet stays securely on the head.


Shoulder Pads – The shoulder pads are worn to help protect the upper body of the player in case they get hit with the ball or another player’s stick.


Elbow Pads – Just like the shoulder pads, the elbow pads are worn on the elbows to help protect the lacrosse players in case they get hit with the ball or another player’s stick.


Lacrosse Gloves – Lacrosse gloves are worn by the players to protect their hands from getting hurt during a game. The hands can often be hit with an opponent’s stick when they are trying to take the ball away.


Other pieces of equipment that should be worn while playing lacrosse are rib pads, protective cups (for boys), mouth guards and proper footwear (depending on the surface you are playing on).


Now that you know just what you need to play lacrosse let’s get suited up and get the game going! Play smart, play safe and have fun!



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