Fun With Food

My brother Birdie and I are different in a lot of ways, even though we are twins. One thing we definitely have in common is our love for food. I wanted to share some of our favorite healthy snacks (and a few sweets as well!) with you by making a little game out of it.


I am going to take all of the letters from my name and Birdie’s name and give you a tasty treat that begins with each letter. Sound fun? Fantastic!


Carrots – A delicious veggie that is good raw or cooked.

Apples – One of my favorite fruits that crunches when you bite it.

Dates – A sweet and nutritional treat.

Dark chocolate chips – Add in some raisins and almonds for a delicious snack mix.

Ice cream sandwich – A great treat on a hot day.

Eggs – An egg-cellent source of energy.


Bananas – The number one fruit on my brother’s list.

Italian ice – Another name for the frozen snack, water ice.

Raspberries – Delicious on their own or as a jam.

Dill pickles – A fantastic snack and even better with a sandwich

Ice cream float – As much fun to make as it is to eat.

Egg salad – Terrific on crackers or bread.


I hope you guys enjoyed our little game. Now, that you know how it works use your name to make a list of healthy snacks (and a few special treats) that you enjoy. While you are thinking of some choices to use grab a snack to munch on……it may end up on your list!



Your Parrot Pal,



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