Friendship & Football

How ya doin’ lil’ buddies? I’m doin’ terrific and feelin’ great, especially now that football season is underway! I’ve got a big game this weekend in my Tigers and Touchdowns league.


I really wanted to get a lot of practice in so I could be at my best when game time rolls around. You can always practice on your own, but when you do it with your friends it makes it much more fun.


Each day this week a different one of my Sportsational pals helped me out with my trainin’. Monday I was catchin’ passes from Slapshot, Tuesday Dash had me runnin’ laps, Wednesday was tacklin’ time with Edge, Thursday Hoops and I were hittin’ the blockin’ sled and this mornin’ it was kickin’ time with Caddie.


After all of the practice I’m ready to do my best on Sunday. Without the help of all my wonderful friends I never would have been as prepared for my game as I am. It is so great to have so many friends who are always there to help me out when I need it.


Ya see kids, that is what real friendship is all about, bein’ there for one another. It is really easy to be around for your buddies when you’re just goofin’ off, but true friends are around when ya need a hand too.


Always make sure you can depend on your pals and that they can depend on you. I know I’m gonna do great on Sunday because of the help I got from my friends and I can’t wait to return the favor.


Get outside, have fun and get dirty!


The Touchdown Scorin’ Tiger,



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