Football Positions Pt. 2

Hey lil’ guys! A few months ago I taught you about some of the positions you can play on a football team. We started off with the offensive positions and today we are gonna talk about the defensive positions. Let’s get at it!


Defensive Tackle – The tackles are usually the largest players on a team’s defense. They line up right in front of the other team’s offensive line. Their job is to rush the quarterback and stop the runnin’ backs from runnin’ the ball up the middle. There is usually one or two tackles on the field at one time.


Defensive End – There are usually two ends on the field at a time. The two ends line up on either side of the tackle or tackles. Their job is to rush the quarterback and stop the runnin’ backs from runnin’ the ball to the outside.


Middle Linebacker – These guys are often the leaders of the defense. They let the other defenders know what their jobs are on each play. The linebackers need to be able to rush the passer, tackle the runnin’ backs and cover pass catchers. There are either one or two middle linebackers on the field at once.


Outside Linebackers – There are two outside linebackers on the field at one time. One plays on the right side and the other plays on the left. The outside linebackers often rush the quarterback, help with stoppin’ the run and often cover the runnin’ backs and tight ends on passin’ plays.


Cornerbacks – The cornerback’s main job is to cover the other team’s wide receivers. They try to keep the quarterback from successfully throwing the ball to the receivers by knockin’ down the pass or by catchin’ it themselves (this is called an interception). They also help with tacklin’ the receivers and runnin’ backs. There are usually at least two cornerbacks on the field at a time.


Safeties – There are usually two safeties on the field at one time. The safeties often help the cornerbacks defend the pass plays. They also help the linemen and linebackers stop the run.


I hope you enjoyed learnin’ about the defensive positions in football. Now, get outside, get active and get a lil’ dirty!






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