Football Positions

Yo, lil’ buddies! I hope you guys are ready to learn some more about the great game of football. Today I’m gonna teach ya about some positions you can play on a football team.


Since there are a ton of positions in football I’m gonna break it up into three different blog entries. I don’t wanna cram too much information into your lil’ heads all at once.


We’re gonna start with the offense on a football team. You guys ready for some football fun?! Well let’s kickoff then!


Quarterback – The quarterback is the leader of the offense. The QB tells the rest of the offensive players which plays they are gonna run. He usually touches the ball on every play and either throws it or hands it off to another player on his team. He can also run with the ball too.


Running Backs – The runnin’ backs main job is to run with the football. They do their best to gain as many yards and score as many touchdowns as they can for their team. They can also catch, block and even throw the football.


Offensive Line – The offensive line is made up of five different positions (the center, left guard, right guard, left tackle and right tackle). Their job is to block the other team’s defensive players from getting to their quarterback or runnin’ backs when they have the ball.


Wide Receivers – The wide receivers main job is to catch passes that are thrown to them from the quarterback. Once they catch a pass they try and run with the football for as many yards as they can or until they score a touchdown. They can also block, run and even throw the football.


Tight Ends – Tight ends catch passes like wide receivers and they also block like offensive lineman. Playin’ tight end is like playin’ two positions in one!


I hope you guys enjoyed learnin’ about the offensive positions on a football team because I sure loved talkin’ about it! Next time we will talk about the defensive players on a football team. Until then get outside and get dirty!


Your football lovin’ friend,



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