Food For Fuel

Hey gang! I was just getting ready to prepare my energy-packed lunch for today and I thought it would be great to share what I’m going to eat with all of you.


Just like you guys, I love foods like pizza, ice cream, cookies and french fries, but when I eat too much of these treats I feel sluggish and lazy. This is why I eat delicious and healthy meals and snacks most of the time.


Eating healthy makes me feel energized, strong and ready to play all day long. Healthy items such as fruits, vegetables and whole grains fuel your body the right way. Now let’s get in the kitchen and fix a tasty lunch!


I like to call this meal “Dash’s Super Salad.” I start with a big bowl of lettuce and then from there I add some of my favorite salad toppings like carrots (of course), cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, broccoli and grilled chicken.


There are a lot of tasty options that can go on a healthy salad so choose the toppings that you enjoy the most. Be creative and fun with your food ideas to make your super salad your very own. For example, instead of using salad dressings on my salad I like to mash up an avocado and top off my salad with that instead.


All of this talking about food has my belly rumbling. I’m going to get started on my meal so why don’t you kids grab Mom or Dad and tell them you want to create your own super salad!


Gotta run!



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