Flags of Many Colors

Hello there! Today I wanted to give you an introduction to some of the different colored flags that are involved in auto racing. Since some of the flags have different meanings, depending on the type of auto racing events they are being used in, we are going to focus on the flags from a NASCAR race so no one gets confused.


If everyone is ready we will start the learning just like they start a race with the…..


Green Flag: As I just mentioned the green flag is waved to signal the start or re-start of a race.


Yellow Flag: This color flag means the drivers need to slow down and drive with caution because of some type of hazard on the race track. A special vehicle called a pace car will come out on the track and lead the other drivers at a safe speed.


Red Flag: The red flag signals that the drivers must stop the race because the conditions are too dangerous and the drivers could be hurt.


White Flag: This flag is waved to let everyone know that the cars are beginning the final lap of the race.


Black Flag: The black flag is used to wave a driver into the pits, usually because they have broken the rules in some way.


Checkered Flag: This is my personal favorite of all the flags because it signals the race is over and if I am the first one to cross the finish line with the checkered flag waving that means I’ve won the race!


There are many other flags used during auto racing events, but I think we’ve gotten off to a great start with the six we just reviewed.


I’ll be back soon with more fun racing information. Until then, hit the pits and cool your engines kiddos!



Your Racing Pal,



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