Extreme Water Sports

What’s up lil’ dudes? The snow is melted and the warm weather is right around the corner. This means I’ll be hittin’ the waves with my surfboard pretty soon.


Surfing isn’t the only extreme adventure you can have at the beach. These three water sports are also quite an adventure.


Bodyboarding – This water sport is very similar to surfing because you are riding on waves with a board. The difference is on a body board you often ride the waves while lying on your stomach. Also, body boards are much shorter than surfboards. Usually they are made of mostly foam and plastic.


Jet Skiing – A jet ski is kind of like a motorcycle for the water. They are steered by handlebars. They are very fast and glide on top of the water. Also, like a motorcycle, they can be very dangerous. A jet ski rider should always wear a life preserver and often a helmet when using this fun, high-speed water machine.


Parasailing – This water ride is really extreme! Parasailing is when someone wears a safety harness that is attached to a big parachute. The harness is then hooked onto a powerful speed boat. As the boat goes faster the parasailer glides WAY up in the air for a killer ride!


Well, buds I hope you enjoyed learning about these awesomely extreme water sports. I gotta jam……adventure awaits!


Catch ya later,




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