Edge’s Extreme Adventure

I am an outgoing and fun-loving elephant. I am always outside experiencing life by taking part in cool outdoor sports like snowboarding. Don’t get me wrong little dudes, I am into all kinds of sports, but snowboarding is one of my personal favs.


It also was the sport that introduced me to extreme sports. More importantly, it taught me a very valuable lesson that I want to share with all of you.


When I first learned about snowboarding I thought to myself “Dude, I have to give that a try, it looks totally wicked!” So, I made up my mind that I was going to start snowboarding right away.


I went right out and got all of the proper safety equipment and a rockin’ board. After I was all geared up I took a trip over to the nearest ski and snowboarding resort to try out this awesome new adventure.


As I was approaching the beginners slope to make my first run I froze right in my tracks. I saw all the first timers and beginners trying to snowboard. They were falling all over the hill! I thought to myself “Man, that doesn’t look like fun at all!” I figured I wasn’t going to enjoy doing something that I wasn’t any good at, so why should I try?


As I turned around to walk away I heard a bunch of laughter coming from that same beginners slope. All of those first timers were laughing and encouraging one another to keep on trying.


I watched them for a little while, inching closer to the slope at every passing sound of enjoyment, and slowly realized that they were all having an absolute blast! They were also starting to stay upright a little longer with each run.


I decided that if all of these dudes were having a sweet time learning to snowboard why couldn’t I? I grabbed my board and away I went.


It was tough at first, but it was a great time and everyone on the slope was trying to help me out and encouraging me to keep going.


Over time and with a lot of practice I eventually learned how to snowboard and it was all possible because I decided to try something new.


I know it is hard, but remember, you always want to try new things because you just might like them.


Catch ya later little dudes!



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