Drive Safe

Hey there race fans! Iā€™m getting ready to do some racing with a few of my Sportsational pals. Before I go I wanted to go over a few important pieces of equipment that help keep me safe while I zoom around the track.



Racing Suit ā€“ When I drive in any kind of race I always wear my racing suit. My suit is made out of a special material that is fire proof. How cool is that? If I get in an accident while racing and my car catches fire my suit will keep me from getting burned.


Racing Helmet ā€“ I always wear my helmet when I race. It helps keep my head safe. It also has a visor on it that keeps the glare from the sun out of my eyes so I can see while navigating the track.


Seat Belts & Safety Harnesses ā€“ Just like you wear when you are in the car with Mom and Dad I wear seat belts and safety harnesses when I race. I have secure straps that go over my shoulders, around my waist and up between my legs. All of them help to keep me protected in case I get in an accident.


These were just a few of the safety precautions necessary to be a race car driver like me. Even fast foxes have to play it safe.



Your Racing Pal,



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