Creator’s Message

The Sportsationals came to life for many reasons; the most essential ones are simply what the concept itself represents and what it can achieve. By establishing positive characteristics, values and skills in children, the Sportsationals will help them to succeed, not only in sports, but in everyday life.

I want to use the kid-friendly and imaginative approach that the Sportsationals can bring to help all children and their families understand the importance of proper nutrition and exercise within an educational and entertaining format. My own personal experiences as an overweight child have also fueled my desire to help battle the alarming weight and health problems that have been increasing amongst the youth of today.

The success of the Sportsationals also would afford the company the opportunity to be involved with a diversified array of charitable endeavors that specialize in helping children and their families.

I have always had the drive to create and develop an idea that can have a positive influence on today’s society. The Sportsationals are that idea and my mission is to make their impact profound.

Justin M. Soss

Managing Director

Sportsationals, LLC

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