Choose Your Court

Hiya kids! I hope everyone is enjoying the summer season and getting outside in this beautiful weather. Today’s blog entry is going teach you all about the different surfaces that you can play a tennis match on.


The three most common surfaces are hard courts, clay courts and grass courts. Each surface has a different effect on the game so it is important to be familiar with each surface. Shall we begin? Wonderful!


Hard Courts – A hard court surface is usually made of asphalt or concrete. This surface is the most common tennis court around. The hard surface makes for a strong bounce from the tennis ball and usually brings a high-paced game.


Grass Courts – This tennis surface is made from grass. The grass courts deliver a high-paced game, but the tennis ball does not bounce as high as it would on a hard surface. The grass surface also makes for some whacky bounces so a player has to be prepared for anything.


Clay Courts – Clay courts are usually made from crushed brick or stone. This particular surface usually brings a slower-paced game then a grass or hard surface. The tennis ball usually bounces well, but might have a bit more spin to it on clay then it would on hard or grass surfaces.


There are other less-common surfaces such as artificial turf and even wood, but the hard, grass and clay courts are what you will most often find around the world.


Now, that you understand a bit more about tennis court surfaces get out there and try all three. It is a good excuse to play a lot more tennis!


Game. Set. Match!





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