Building A Skateboard

Dudes! What is happening? When I’m not out catchin’ waves or rippin’ up the slopes I love to build some crazy sculptures out of used and broken sports equipment. I always try and add at least a piece of an old skateboard into all of my art work.


The skateboard is made up of many different pieces and I wanted to let you all in on what those parts are. Sound awesome? Cool. Let’s rock!


Board – This is the part of the skateboard that you actually stand on. They are usually made of some type of wood and have grip tape on the top side of them to help the rider steer the board without losing their footing. This part of the skateboard is also called a deck.


Wheels – Every skateboard needs wheels. The wheels are what make the skateboard roll. Usually a skateboard has four wheels, two at the front of the board and two at the back.


Truck – This part of the skateboard is not the trucks you see driving on the road dudes. It just shares the same name. This truck is the part of the skateboard that brings the board and the wheels together. There is a truck on the front of the skateboard and the back. The truck helps the rider steer the skateboard.


Bearings – These little guys help the wheels turn smoothly on a skateboard. Bearings are put on both sides of each wheel on a skateboard (4 wheels will need 8 bearings).


That is how one of my favorite pieces of sports equipment is put together and how the different parts work. So the next time you hit the skate park with your skateboard you’ll know how you are pulling off all of those killer tricks!


Catch ya later lil’ buddies!



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