Ice Hockey Around The World

We all know ice hockey is a popular sport here in the United States. But there are also a lot of other countries around the World where the game is loved.


Canada, Russia and Sweden are other countries that are passionate about ice hockey as well. But there are other places around the globe that you may not expect play the sport too.


Australia – In a warmer country like Australia they prefer sports like swimming, basketball and rugby. However, ice hockey has been enjoyed and played by some Australian athletes for years.


South Africa – While the main sports in South Africa are soccer, rugby and cricket (a game that is like baseball) ice hockey is played in this country as well. Even though it is not the nation’s sport of choice, ice hockey is slowly growing in South Africa.


Japan – Baseball and soccer are the biggest sports in Japan, but ice hockey has been played there for a long time as well. There is even a pro league with teams from Japan, China and South Korea.


All this talk about hockey has me itchin’ to hit the rink. I hope to see you out on the ice soon!


Your penguin pal,




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How To Swing It

Hi there! We already learned that in golf there are a lot of different clubs. Now we are going to learn the different ways to swing them.


Let’s go over the four basic swings that golfers need to use on a golf course. Is everyone ready to tee off? Here we go!


The Drive – This swing is the big one. When golfers drive the golf ball they are usually trying to hit it as far as they can. This is the type of swing they would often use when beginning a hole (also called teeing off).


The Approach – Unlike the drive, when a golfer hits an approach shot they are not trying to hit the ball as far as they can. Golfers do not hit an approach shot with a full swing. This type of swing is used when a golfer wants their shot to land in an exact spot.


The Chip – A chip shot is mostly used for short shots. The golfer uses a half swing when he is chipping. This type of swing is a great way to get the ball to land safely on the green of a golf course.


The Putt – The putt is used when the golfer has the ball on the green of a golf course. This shot is usually very light. The putt is used to hit the golf ball into the hole.


You now know the different clubs and swings used in golf. The next step is to get out on the course and give them a try.


You feathered friend,



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Something To Grow On

Hey gang! You all know that I love playing lacrosse, but one of my other favorite hobbies is growing my own fruit. I love working outside in my garden and I love to eat the fresh fruits that I grow. Here are a few of my favorites:


Strawberries – This tasty red fruit is great to eat on its own, but it can also be used in cakes, pies and many other treats. Strawberries are a good source of vitamins, especially Vitamin C. They are a healthy snack and taste even better right from the garden.


Watermelons – I love watching my watermelon patch come to life! This sweet fruit is delicious on its own. Another good source of vitamins, like most fruits, watermelons are mostly made of water. Most of us think of watermelon as being pink or red, but different kinds can be orange, yellow and white.


Grapes – Are used for all kinds of great foods like jelly, jam and raisins. They are also a great snack on their own.  Usually red, purple or green in color grapes also make up one of my favorite drinks, grape juice. They are a healthy and delicious part of my diet.


I hope I made you guys as hungry as I made myself! I think I’ll go see what’s growing in my garden that I can munch on. See ya!



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Get Up, Get Out & Get Active

Hey gang! The sun is shining, the birds are singing and you should be outside enjoying every moment of it!


Today’s blog is not going to be about leadership or the different positions on a basketball team. No, today all I want to do is give you a simple, but important message. Get up, get out and get active!


I want all of you to make the most of everyday. Get outside and play with friends and family. Ride a bike, play soccer or pretend you’re a dinosaur roaming the land. Use your body and your imagination.


Run, jump, laugh, skip and sing. Have an adventure or make a discovery. There are so many fun things to do when you’re outside, don’t miss experiencing them.


Your Big Bear Pal,




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Fun Is #1

Hey gang! It’s a beautiful day and I’m about to meet some of my Sportsational pals over at the basketball court for a game of hoops.


When I play basketball it is always cool to win. It is also a neat feeling to score a lot of points and help out my team. All of those things are terrific, but the greatest part about basketball, or any other sport, is how much fun I have playing it.


I know that sometimes I may not have my best game, but that is ok as long as I try hard, never give up and have a good time.


Well, I better get to the court for the opening tip-off. Remember; when you’re playing sports fun is number one!



Your Can-Do Friend,




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Tools For Tennis

Y’all come along and learn about what you need to play some tennis (click here).

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Soccer Speak

Your favorite educated gorilla is back to teach you some terms that are used in the game of soccer (click here).

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Water Adventure

Dudes, come and learn about some cool water sports for the warm weather (click here).

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Hits With Homer

There are four basic hits in the sport of baseball. Come and learn about those four hits with me right here!

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Speed & Safety

You need to be safe when you’re driving a race car and these three items will help!

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