One Powerful Sport

Hey gang! Today I want to introduce you to one of my favorite adapted sports. Power soccer!


Power soccer was created for athletes that use power wheelchairs. These athletes have a guard placed on the front of their wheelchairs to help them dribble, pass and kick the soccer ball.


The game is played on a basketball court with a large soccer ball. Each team has three players per side as well as a goalie.


The games are played in two periods. Each period is twenty minutes long. The teams switch goals after the first period.


A goal is scored when the soccer ball completely crosses the goal line in between the goal posts. Whichever team scores the most goals wins.


Just like soccer, there are free kicks, penalty kicks, corner kicks and penalties.


Power soccer is a terrific sport for athletes that use a wheelchair. Now that you know about the great game of power soccer get the word out.


Your Can-Do Pal,



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Tennis Terms

Hi y’all! Today we are going to learn a few tennis terms. These three terms are used during a tennis match when a point is about to start.


Serve – A serve is when one tennis player hits the ball over the net to the other tennis player to begin a point. The server must hit the ball into a certain area of the tennis court for the point to begin.


Ace – Besides being a great name for a tennis-loving kitty, an ace has another meaning. When a server hits the ball into the right spot on the court and the server’s opponent is unable to hit it back, in play or at all, it is called an ace.


Fault – A fault occurs when the server does not hit the ball into the correct part of the court to begin a point. If the server does this two times in a row it is called a double fault. If a server double faults their opponent is awarded a point.


Hope y’all enjoyed the tennis terms lesson. Ta-ta for now!



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A Positive Sign

Here is a link to an encouraging article from the NY TIMES on the fight against childhood obesity.


Have a healthy, happy and Sportsational day!



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What Makes Up A Soccer Ball?

Professor Striker has returned! Today we are going to learn what a soccer ball is made from. There are four main parts to a soccer ball. They are the bladder, linings, cover and stitches. Let’s review each piece.


Bladder – The bladders of soccer balls are the parts of the balls that hold the air. They are made out of rubber.


Linings – The linings of a soccer ball help give the ball its shape and its bounce. Some soccer balls have as many as 4 linings inside of them.


Covers – The covers are the outside of the soccer ball. Most soccer covers are made of an artificial leather. The most common soccer ball cover is made up of 32 different panels all sewn together.


Stitches – Stitches are what hold the pieces of the cover together on a soccer ball. A soccer ball can be stitched by a person or a machine.


These four parts are what a soccer ball is made from.



Professor Striker

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The Long And Short Of It

What’s up lil’ dudes? Today we are going to learn the difference between bigger skateboards (longboards) and smaller ones (shortboards).


Let’s get rolling!


Longboards – Longboards are both longer and wider than shortboards. They come in a variety of shapes and sizes. The longboards are better suited for riding, especially downhill.


These boards are good for a skater who wants to ride something that has a similar feel to a snow or surfboard. Because they are bigger and heavier, they are not used to perform a lot of tricks that can be done with a shortboard.


Shortboards – These skateboards are often seen at the skate parks. They are lighter and smaller than longboards. This allows the skaters to perform all of those killer tricks. Shortboards do not have as much stability as longboards because they are not as heavy.


Now that you know the difference between these two skateboards you can choose which one is right for you. I’m heading to the skate park so I’m grabbing my shortboard.


Catch ya later,



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An Ode to Baseball

It is played on a diamond, made of dirt and grass

Where players swing bats and the pitchers toss gas


There are diving catches, and hits for extra bases

The excitement brings smiles to all the fans faces


Pop ups and line drives, bunts and fly balls

Towering home runs, hit over outfield walls


Sweet smells of summer fill the stadium air

I never want to leave, let’s play two, I declare!


The crack of the bat, the cheer from the crowd

When baseball is played even stealings allowed


This game is the best, its tops on my list

No sport is better, this I insist.





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Happy 4th Of July!

Happy Birthday USA! All of us at the Sportsationals hope everyone has a terrific holiday with family and friends. A special thank you to all who keep our country safe, diverse, free and great!



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Let’s Start Our Engines!

Have you ever wondered how a super-fast race car works? Well, today I’m going to explain how an engine makes a car go.


An engine is like your heart. The engine has to work properly to keep a car moving. Your heart has to pump to keep your body moving.


An engine gets its energy from gasoline. When gasoline is pumped through the engine and heated up it gives the engine an explosion of energy.


The engine is made up of a lot of parts that helps this release of energy happen over and over again really fast.


In my next blog entry I’ll talk to you about some of these engine parts and how they work. Until then keep moving and grooving!



Your fast fox friend,




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Jump Into Track & Field

How many of you out there like to run and jump? Well if you do then you’ll love these two track and field events.


Pole Vault – In this track and field event an athlete gets a big running start. Then they try and jump over a raised bar with the help of a long, flexible pole. Whichever athlete is able to make it over the bar at its highest point wins the event.


Triple Jump – When performing a triple jump the athlete starts out by running as fast as they can. Then the athlete jumps onto one leg while springing forward. Then they immediately jump onto the other leg while springing forward. Finally, the last jump lands the athlete in a pit of sand with both feet. The jumper that was able to land furthest into the sand pit wins the competition.


There are a few other track and field events that involve jumping that you can read about here.


I gotta run…..and jump!




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The Fields Of Football

Hey lil’ buddies! My favorite place to be is on a football field. It’s where I get to have fun and get plenty of exercise playin’ my favorite sport.


Football fields are either made up of natural grass or something called artificial grass. Let’s look at the difference between the two.


Natural Grass Field – Just like what you see growin’ on lawns and in parks, grass can be used to cover a football field. Grass fields are usually seen in outdoor stadiums. Many football players enjoy playin’ on natural grass.


These football fields need to be cut, watered and receive plenty of sunlight. This makes grass fields more difficult to care for.


Artificial Grass – This type of field looks and feels like natural grass, but it isn’t grass at all. Artificial grass is made up of a bunch of tiny lil’ fibers. These fields are usually used in indoor stadiums.


Artificial grass doesn’t grow and it doesn’t need water or sunlight. This makes artificial football fields much easier to take care of.


Whether it’s natural grass or artificial grass as long as I can play football on it, I’m one happy tiger!




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