Birdie’s Course On Clubs

Howdy! I hope everyone is feeling great today! I just finished up a round of golf with my sis Caddy. Golf is a great sport and our personal favorite. It gets you outside to enjoy the day and is a great activity.


What I’d like to talk to you about in this blog entry is the different kinds of clubs needed to play the game of golf. Most golf club sets have fourteen different clubs. Let’s take a look. Here we go!


Woods – The woods are the type of clubs you use to hit the ball really far on a golf course. They are longer then the other clubs and a set of golf clubs usually has three or four woods. The biggest wood is called the driver.


Irons – There are usually nine different irons in a set of golf clubs. Each one has a number from one all the way up to nine. Each numbered iron has a different angle and you choose which one you want to use depending on where you are hitting the ball from on a golf course.


Wedges – Wedges are a type of iron and golf club sets have at least one. Wedges are usually used for close range and short shots in golf.


Putters – Putters are used once a golfer gets the ball on the area surrounding the hole called “the green.” This putter is what a golfer uses to roll the ball along the green and into the hole.


I hope you all enjoyed learning about the basic clubs used in my favorite game,  golf. Hmmm, it is still light out. I think I can squeeze in another round. Gotta go!


Your feathered friend,




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