Basketballin’ Bear

Hello everyone! As you all know I love being active and enjoy playing all kinds of games and sports, but to me nothing in the world beats basketball. The up and down action, the jump shots and bounce passes all bring a smile to my face.


There are a lot of terms that are involved with the game of basketball and I wanted to take the time to share and explain a few of them. Sound like fun? Alright!


Let’s start with a really neat one. The slam dunk! A slam dunk is when a basketball player jumps in the air and stuffs the basketball through the basketball hoop. A player can do this with one hand or two. It can even be done backwards! A slam dunk is worth two points in a standard basketball game.


Another type of shot in basketball is known as the jump shot. A jump shot is when a player has the basketball and they shoot it towards the basketball hoop while jumping straight up in the air. A jump shot can be worth two or even three points if it goes in, depending on where the player is standing on the court when they shoot.


Now that I explained a couple of offensive terms used in basketball let’s finish up with a defensive one.


When one player deflects another players shot, while the ball is heading upwards, by hitting the ball with their hand and/or arm it is called a block or shot block. When blocking a shot the player must not hit the other player’s hands, arms or body.


I hope you enjoyed our little basketball terminology lesson and I can hardly wait to teach you some more. I think I’ll go practice my game, all of this basketball talk has given me the itch to get on the court.



Have a happy and healthy day!






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